3SC, ISTA or Highden in the Media

3SC does not necessarily support all views expressed in the linked media below.

The Dark Truth Behind the ‘Sacred Sexuality’ Community Haaretz; Israel, 9/2022

ISTA Arise Human Condition (discussion of ISTA & Baba Dez begins 20:25) New Zealand Skeptic, 9/2022, podcast

Claims of abuse at courses run in Manawatu RZN; New Zealand, 11/2022

Cult Trip: Centrepoint, Gloriavale, ISTA, a journey into the dark side of ‘woo-woo’ wellness New Zealand Herald, 11/2022

International School for Temple Arts: sacred sexual community, or cult? Only Sky, US, 11/2022

In the shadows of the (Highden) Temple New Zealand Skeptics, Newsletter, 2022

Questioning a Shamanic Love Camp at Auschwitz Only Sky, US, 1/2023

Sophia de Fossard on Cults, High Demand Groups & Power Dynamics in the Spiritual Community podcast, 3/2023

Sex.Life podcast (a sexologist who attends and describes her experience at ISTA/Highden) New Zealand, 5/2023

Abuse in the Tantra scene: Community without Borders Taz, Germany, 5/2023

Mystery School slammed for culturally appropriating Haka Stuff, New Zealand, 5/2023

Ista workshop: “If only people knew what was really happening there…” Die Presse, Germany, 7/2023

Manipulation and abuse of power – this is how the sex guru lures women into bed 20Min, Switzerland, 7/2023

Ex-Miss Switzerland held workshop at festival of Tantra sect 20Min, Switzerland, 7/2023

Didn’t know the allegations” – Mahara McKay distances herself from the sex guru 20Min, Switzerland, 7/2023

The Accidental Cult Tourist Echo, Byron Bay, Australia 8/2023

A Statement by the Israeli Center for Cult Victims regarding ISTA Israel, 8/2023

Steven Hassan’s rebuttal to ISTA post; video, US, 9/2023

Yet Another ISTA Update New Zealand Skeptics, Newsletter, 1/2024

Cult (or High-Demand Group) Identification & Recovery Resources

Cult Identification Resources

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Cult Trip: Inside the world of coercion and control book by former ISTA participant and reporter, Anke Richter, that covers neo-tantra and sex cults

Tools for Selecting Safer Teachers/Workshops & Strengthening Our Communities
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