Safer Sex-Positive & Spiritual Communities

Grassroots transformative justice within sacred sexuality, sex-positive, and neo-tantra schools and communities

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OUR Mission

Support survivors, Amplify their voices

We seek to gain deeper understanding of the patterns of harm within sex-positive and sacred sexuality schools and communities (beginning with ISTA) so that we can spread awareness of the harm and risks, identify and amplify best practices, seek justice for survivors, and reduce future harm. 

It is essential to the health of our society that people have safer spaces to explore their sexuality and spirituality. To do this, we must address the risks inherent to this type of exploration. We believe the best way to do this is with sustained community-wide dialogue and action rooted in transformative justice and trauma-informed principles.

Lalita Diaz, 3SC cO-Founder


3SC & ISTA Complete Mediated Talks

Read the joint statement that resulted from over 30 hours of mediated discussions between 3SC & ISTA to address persistent allegations of harm at ISTA trainings. 3SC does not endorse ISTA, but appreciates the reforms and repairs they have made and will continue to advocate for more.

Seeking a list of the changes ISTA is making in relation to our campaign?

Read our Community Updates

Make our community safer

One of 3SC’s missions is to ensure all sex-positive and spiritual schools and communities have meaningful harm reporting and accountability processes. Many still do not.

While we do not have the capacity to be the watchdog of the entire community or respond to individual cases of harm, we recognize there is a need for some type of ongoing data collection until harm reduction and transformational justice practices are widespread in our community.

We commit to collecting and reviewing data from this form quarterly, and sharing the trends we are observing in a public forum to influence and inspire community action that supports a deep and sustainable culture shift.

Contribute to making our community a safer place by sharing your experience on our confidential form.